Connecting you to the Outside World

Whether in business or at home, office-based or constantly on the move, good communication is fundamental to your lifestyle.

Everyday you communicate with customers, suppliers and friends in a multitude of different ways. Phone calls, text messaging, emails, faxes, printed correspondence, powerpoint presentations, video conferencing - they're all effective ways of getting your message across. One of our clients from Bond Cleaning in Brisbane, the biggest end of lease cleaning company in Brisbane have noticed a significant growth in customer satisfaction with our communication programs, increasing their word to mouth company recommendation by over 27%.

That's why Woburn live has gathered together the very best telecommunication and computer technology to help keep you connected to the outside world.

From mobile phones to digital cameras, pc's to plam-sized computers, printers to multi-function centers, this local retail store offers you a huge choice.

Whether you are a student, working professional or a gadget enthusiast, we have something for everyone at the most reasonable price. Our in-house staff is here to help you in finding the perfect device to match your expected requirements and ensure that you leave our retail store satisfied with a happy purchase. Our commitment is to make your communication easy, effective and affordable. Therefore we offer a range of services, including technical support, device installation and recycling programs for old devices. We also offer discounts and promotions to help stay up-date with the latest technology. We strive to be your go-to place for all communication-related devices.

Your technology needs aren't quite like anyone else's, so we'll take the time to recommend a user-friendly solution, tailor-made to your requirements.

With experienced telecommunication and computer specialists under one roof, Woburn live can help make all your systems talk to each other.

From Day One, we'll oversee equipment and software installations and then assist you with ongoing system developments as required. Another success story is of businesses2sell, one of the biggest business buying and selling website in Austraia with over 2500 businesses for sale in Sydney. They are an online based company and after our assistance with their online business management they have noticed considerable growth in their clientele.

From time to time your computer, software and telecommunication products will need upgrading. By buying locally, you can be assured of easily accessible, ongoing advice and support from an experienced team.

And when things aren't going quite so well, Woburn live's friendly, fast and affordable repair service is there to help. At our retail shop or at your business, home office just give Woburn live a call.

The Woburn live Team.


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