Off site, On site, On call

Computer repairs and virus busting / removal

Computer speed up
Windows upgrades
Hardware upgrades e.g. larger disc drives, sound cards, video cards
Rental equipment: pc's, printers, scanners, data projectors

Rental phones
Rental equipment
Network exchange lines, PABX's, Centrex
New phone line installation: home and business


Internet, Email & Web Services
Email set up for individuals
Connections to internet
Internet cafe set ups
Website: design, programming and authorising
Website maintenance

Service and Rates

We have a well equiped workshop, and are able to deal with most hardware and software issues that you may have.

Before our technicians have booted up your computer, and removed the case, it it virtually impossible to give a reasonably accurate estimate of costs, the following is purely an indication of service charges.

The older a computer is, the longer it takes to boot and configure, this means more time spent and therefore greater cost.

Our hourly rate is $96 +GST (min charge 0.5hrs)

Set up of internet account
If no hardware is required we normally charge $54 (0.5 hours) to setup an account with "xtra", install the latest browser, and configure your system.(This does not include xtra's own fees)

Installation of hardware
• • A 50x DVD RW Drive is normally $100 +0.5 hours
• A 250 Gb Hard Drive upgrade (including tranfer of data/ operating system) $249 +.5 hours
• Sound Card from $39 +0.3 hours
• 3D Graphics Card from $49 +0.5 hours
• Extra RAM varies hugely from $50 up

Trouble shooting system crashes, errors, and "dead computers"
Charges can vary enormously depending on model of PC, importance of personal data, ability of customer to provide original software and driver disks, and urgency of work.
Generally a "clean" install of an operating system (ie: Windows XP) with all drivers and software provided by the customer takes about 1 hour of chargable time. (this is time spent actually working on the computer, we do not charge for unattended program loading time, or scanning/defrag time)

Virus detection and removal
Costs vary greatly depending on the type of virus and factors mentioned in the paragraph above

Onsite work/ callouts
Are charged at the standard hourly rate, however as it is not possible to carry on with other work during bootups and system scans, a job that would be charged at 1 hour in our workshop could incur a great number of hours on site. Having said that, some jobs are just best done at your location and we are very happy to do that. In this case, there will probably be a travelling charge.

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