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Here at Big Bear we field at least 15-20 calls a day from computer owners and friends in distress wanting information and help over the phone. We love to help, but there is a problem..
We spend at least 2 hours a day (or $200) on these calls! While we are pleased that we're considered the 1st people to call regarding these matters, the time spent on these calls is difficult to charge for, and does take us away from customers in the shop, as well as jobs that are being paid for and usually behind schedule ;-)
(I wonder if mechanics, lawyers, and doctors have the same problem)
So we have compiled this page of links to help you out.

Viruses are a major cause of these problems so let's begin with a..

WARNING: your antivirus program is useless !!!
(unless you update it at least monthly)

To update your antivirus software, or for info on viruses use "norton" or
"mcafee" depending on which protection you use. Yes we are aware there are plenty more virus programs available, we prefer to deal with the 2 main players

If you're having trouble connecting to the internet, chances are you won't
be able to read this, however "xtra" have an excellent help page for those with modem, dialup, or protocol problems

To find out more about how the hardware side of your PC works
try the "PC guide" link. If you like to tinker around under the bonnet of your car this is the place for you.

The real key to fixing most PC problems is where to find the answer.
The "search tips" have helped make my searches for info quick & fruitful
I know they will do the same for you.

There are new terms and technologies being created daily
"what is?" is an excellent virtual encyclopedia of IT info. I use it all the time.

Some times (a lot of times) all thats needed to make a device work properly is the latest driver. If you need a driver for a modem, sound card etc. try "driver guide" the login is "drivers" and the password is "all"

The "microsoft" link is great for info on the computer worlds most
widespread "virus" (Windows™) ;-) wink wink..

If any of the information found here is still of no use to you,
feel free to call us for an appointment.

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